For you to have a successful sandblasting, you need to choose the right equipment if you are doing it yourself. However, if you are to hire a contractor, you just need to know the equipment they will use, the procedure and what you need to do as they sandblast. There are different types of sandblasters designed to perform different functions. Before you decide to buy any equipment, you need to know their functionality and features. Here are some sandblasting equipment you can use:

  • Siphon Sandblasting Equipment – if you are looking to hire a local Houston sandblasting company, this is the most prominent equipment you will find. The equipment has an air gun that can be fixed into two hoses i.e. one of the hose is used to deliver air that comes through a compressor while the other hose sucks the coarse material. When this happens, a vacuum that is created blows the material out.

  • Pressure pot – when you are looking for the best sandblasting near me, the company should be having this equipment. Due to their high efficiency and high level of professionalism, these equipment are preferred by a lot of people. A pressure pot uses a pressurizing tank to mix sand and air before blowing it out. They are ideal equipment for manufacturing and production departments of both factories and departments because they vary sandblasting for a long period of time.


  • Power washer machine – This is one of the equipment you will find in an auto sandblasting in Houston TX. It is used in wet sandblasting where it creates a mixture of soap, water, sand and air. The wet mixture is then blown from the nozzle. Since it is used in wet sandblasting, power washer machine cleans at a quicker rate when compared to other equipment. In addition, it is quicker than the other equipment especially when cleaning graffiti from buildings. If you are planning to clean graffiti or clean a wet area, this is the most ideal equipment to use.

If you are to do it yourself, you will have to buy these equipment. You should avoid going for the cheap equipment because they do not last long. These machines do rough and intensive work, therefore, avoid buying the cheap equipment you come across. After buying the equipment you need to sandblast, regular repair and maintenance should be done to increase efficiency and lifespan of the equipment. You can repair and clean the equipment yourself but if you don’t have necessary skills, hiring an expert is a good idea.

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