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One of the best places to visit & relax to have a quality experience with family or friends. All activities, exhibits, workshops and performances are included with admission. Admission is $12 per person & $11 for seniors 65 and upto children under one and Museum Members are admitted free of charge. There is a way to save some extra dollars as you can also save $2 off on admission every day after 5 p.m except on Thursdays. As you can pick the your own slots when to enter the Houston guide.

This is all new and now twice as big as any children museum & also Rated the No. 1 children’s museum in the U.S. by Parents magazine as whenever anyone thinks of visiting a children museum then this is the first place that people can think of. The Children’s Museum is A Playground for Your Mind when it comes to have a good time with your family & especially if you have kids. The Museum is packed with 90,000 square feet of innovative, interactive bilingual exhibits for kids, ages birth to 12 years,.

You can also enter the facility for free as Free Family Nights are offered every Thursday from 5 to 8 p.m. courtesy of The Wortham Foundation, Inc. and Kathrine as the foundation has allowed families to enter for free during the allowed slots.

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There are many places inside the museum once you enter as you can visit the Building Zone

Children don hard hats as they step into Building Zone, a kid-friendly construction area. They explore the world of forces and examine the science behind building structures, including lifting heavy bags of gravel using pulleys, and using earth’s gravity to hold up an arch. Plus, they take on the role of civil engineers by checking out some of the key techniques needed to build structures to protect from high winds or earthquakes.


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